Membership and Fees


  1. Membership is open to natural and juridic persons.

  2. Applications for membership must contain the name, age, profession, and address of the applicant. The Board decides on the application. It is not answerable to an applicant in case of rejection of application.

Membership fees

Annual fees: 30.00 EUR for ordinary members, and 15.00 EUR for pupils, trainees, and students. Membership fees are due by 31 March of the current year, new members are requested to pay their annual fees within a month after joining the Society. Honorary members are exempted from fees.

Bank account

Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe in Rajasthan e.V.
Sparkasse Heidelberg
Acc. No. 9212523
BC 672 500 20
IBAN: DE95 6725 0020 0009 2125 23

Membership Form

The Membership Form can be downloaded here.