Project since January 2016

From January 2016 an evening school for illiterate women and girls is held in Koliyom ki Dhani, where HSHR previously helped set-up weaving workshops. This is made possible through the donations from the Protestant parish of Kobe-Osaka, the Kobe Union Church, and Didymos Japan.

Project Second Half-Year 2016

The DaimlerProCent-Initiative supports the project "Improvement of water supply and containment of soil erosion in Gandhivan" generously with 9.000 EUR. Thanks to this suport, planting beds and dams could be renewed and 20,000 indigenous bushes and tree seedlings could be planted. The work took place according to plan during the rainy season.

Ongoing Project 2016

Health and hygiene courses: HSHR has created a program that includes two courses on prevention, hygiene, and nutrition, both taking place twice a year. The means for this program are provided by the Hety and Beno Runnebaum Stiftung, Heidelberg.

Project 2017

The Stiftung Entwicklungs-Zusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg supported the project "Improvement of Living Conditions of Women from Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Communities Through Handwork Training and Micro-Enterprise Development ". As part of this project, 100 women were trained as embroiderers. A workshop was established, equiped with big frames for the embroidering of saris. This measure took place in Patwa, situated centrally within a group of villages where the illiterate rate is 54% and possibilites to earn a living are low. The project took place in 2017.
65 of the trained women have since worked part-time as embroiderers. They also handle the sales of their products to wholesale in Jaipur.
The embroidery workshop was also equipped with toilets, a sensation for Patwa village.
In the meantime, women from Patwa also take efforts for the operation of an evening school, inspired by the example of Koliyom ki Dhani village, where we previously helped establish a weaving workshop and weaving training for women, and where an evening school operates with the help of donations from the Protestant parish of Kobe-Osaka and the Kobe Union Church.

Long-Term Projects

HSHR is involved in setting up training and profession center for women.
Information on these projects can be found in Newsletter 1, November 2013 and in Newsletter 2, November 2014.